Zapraszamy na koktajl do restauracji Winestone!

Zapraszamy na koktajl do restauracji Winestone!

13 czerwca, po pierwszym dniu konferencji, zapraszamy uczestników wydarzenia na koktajl do restauracji Winestone w hotelu Mercure!

“Launched in 2013, Winestone’s triumph lies in achieving a balance between hotel guest and repeat local custom. Our approach is simple; Winestone is about atmosphere, affordability and quality. We’re here to fulfil expectations – even if you don’t know what you want, we’ll work it out and give you what you want.

The atmosphere is key. Interior designed to convey different moods: a communal table, sofas, high chairs – all split-up creating a range of nooks and corners in which to dally and dwell. Big on solid wood and natural stone, it’s a place that adopts a buzzy mood and a contemporary vibe while never being loud and ‘in your face’. In short, you feel comfortable.

Of course, wine is also an inescapable factor. Taking prominence by the entrance is the wine corner, its diverse choice deviating from the expected standards. We want wine with a story. And that story tastes so much better with a seasonally influenced menu composed of light planches and more hefty offers – the bridge between the two being ingredients that speak of integrity and truth.

It’s all about the details. Even before a meal lands, you can tell a lot about a restaurant from the contents of the bread basket – that’s the law of first impressions. And sure, while the art of baking is enjoying a local resurgence, that’s rarely evident in the actual restaurants of Warsaw. So take a look at Winestone: the result of a five-day fermentation process, the bread here is a thing of beauty – a satisfying, crunchy crust, and a deep flavor that’s heightened by the surprisingly herby hit of the Dukkah. We’ve sold one million breads since launching, enough to stretch around the world six times.

Whether it’s acorn-fed Belotta ham, a classic club sandwich, or more complex French-inspired offers, this is cuisine that is attractive, accessible and always authentic. And with so much available to go, there’s never a problem taking a piece of Winestone home".

Paweł Anders, Winestone Project Director