Hospitality is inherent sector in the MICE industry

Hospitality is inherent sector in the MICE industry

" supports all initiatives aimed at education MICE industry. Hospitality is inherent to the sector. The conference discusses the issues concerning the relationship between events organizers and hoteliers is very important from the point of view of practitioners we serve knowledge "

Editorial Board of is an innovative portal targeted at industry meetings (MICE). Our mission is to provide current and accurate information, implementation of unique tools to support the sale of a group hotels and conference packages, as well as initiate action to integrate the industry.

In addition to the online presence, implements a number of cyclical projects. The leading proposition are meetings in the MP FAST DATE® formula which accompany many portal’s initiatives. Among the major events carried out by there are also a series of MP MICE Tour® trips directed towards recognizing conference and offers, MP MICE & MORE - debates with the participation of the largest players in the event market.

The main project is Meeting Planner Power Awards competition. Meeting Planner Power Awards is the first competition dedicated to the event industry and seeking best execution and practice in all its sectors. The aim of the competition is to award the best events and projects related to event marketing, indication of places with special event potential and honor personalities and industry experts.

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